My skin

Howdy there everyone,

I figured I better start with the reason that I started this blog and that would be my skin.
As I said in the ‘Skin’ page, I have tried many, many things with my skin to make it better and to clear it up. I have tried pills, beauty treatments, everything. I am currently trialling something at the moment but we will get to that in due course.

I have struggled with acne my whole adolescent life. I got it really bad in primary school and it has not left me since. I have done everything to try and get rid of it.
I have tried most of the cleansers that you find on the shelves. I have had many facials that say that they “help” with the acne. And I have also been to a dermatologist who trialled me on some pills.
Now the first one that I tried was Roaccutane. This pill does have some very serious side effects but it also does help the skin. My main reason for stopping the use of it was because a). my lips got really, really dry and would bleed and be sore and b). I would always forget to take the pills. Which doesn’t really help the whole treatment.
While it may have a very bad rep in the press, I will say that I think with continued use it could’ve cleared up my skin. But alas, it did not. So I was put onto another pill. Diane 35. Now, this is also a form of birth control which at the time was not what I wanted to use it for (I was in high school at the time, just getting over the lip-affect of Roaccutane) and while it did clear my skin for a little while, it had the same problem that the Roaccutane did, I always forgot to take it (as you can probably guess by now, I am not a pill taker at all!).

So I then tried all these different creams and cleansers and moisturisers that you can purchase on the shelves at your local supermarket. I tried a facial cleansing system from a health shop and it did nothing. So I thought “That’s it. I’m gonna be like this for the rest of my life.” That’s the mentality that was going through my head.

Then, I sat down one day and what should happen to come on the TV but the Proactive infomercial. I had always been intrigued when I had seen it because I had always loved the results that I would see and would think “I wish I could be one of them. One of the real success stories.” And so, in January I ordered some Proactive online. And while I admit that it worked for a little while, I ran out of product and while waiting for my next shipment, also went through some personal issues family-wise. But, as I have said, this is the new, accountable me. So I emailed the Proactive people and I have now received a new shipment of Proactive which I have been sticking to for the last 4 days and I think it has made a difference. Here are the day that I started using it photos and the 4 days later photos…..

My "before" pictures, taken 5/4/2013

Day 4 Proactiv Use

So, while it is still early days yet, I am hoping that this is my saving grace. And by talking about it on here I am promising to myself (specifically) that I am going to follow this through and hopefully come out the other side better.

Anyway, hope you guys have a good day Smile

Lil xoxo


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