A childhood bullying incident.

Howdy there everyone,

I thought I would post today on a subject that I know is a big deal and that is bullying. More specifically a incident that happened when I was a child/teenager. The reason for this is I was thinking yesterday (as I was working) about an incident that happened when I first started work and it has stuck in my mind ever since.

My story is that I was walking into work one day (I walk to work everyday). I entered the shop and removed my headphones from my ears. As I was doing this I looked up and spotted this young person in what was the lolly aisle. As I approached this person they looked at me and a look of what seemed to be fear rushed over them. As I got closer they turned to me and said, “Please don’t bash me.”
“What?” was my initial response. I didn’t know what to think. And then I remembered. This person had bullied me when I was younger.
You see, when I was younger, I used to attend holiday care at the local day care centre. They had organized one day that they would take us on a trip to Beaconsfield Gold Mine. On the bus trip there I was sitting in one of the bus seats and this person, younger then me, started to tease me about the way I looked. My skin, my nose, anything that they thought would get a reaction out of me. Of course, I started to cry because what they said hurt. It was horrible. I don’t remember exactly what they said but I know my skin was a big thing at the time. And so someone sitting in front of me told one of the carers on the bus and they moved the person away to another seat and sat with me.
The experience itself was horrible. As a child moving into the teenage years, things like that can have a horrible affect on your life. I was never really a confident person and I wouldn’t stick up for myself either so I would just bow my head and withdraw myself. As the years have gone on I have learned to move myself away from situations like that and I don’t react violently towards others but this was just one of my many bullying experiences.

What I have learned throughout the years with bullying is that you just have to walk away. If you are at school or work and bullying occurs, tell a teacher or someone who would be able to help out. That is the best advice I can give. Don’t start to react aggressively towards others because at the end of the day, it just makes you more like them. From my experience anyway Smile


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