Being Social……


Howdy there everyone,

Sorry it has been so long in writing/updating this blog. I have lost my trains of thoughts in the last month and there are some things that have happened that have made me feel a little bit down and out.

One of these things occurred again today and so I thought that I would post on here and see if anyone else had this issue.

My mother has been telling me that I have to find an activity to do in my spare time that doesn’t involve me sitting at my computer and wrestling. I should point out to her my post here on wrestling but I am not very confident in that regard (I hate speaking up in situations like this). This is stemming from the fact that other then work, I spend majority of my time either at home doing housework or sitting on the computer checking wrestling, social media and so on.

Now, I get that. I can see that being an issue for her because she wants to see me enjoying life and not sitting around wasting it but the truth of the matter is, there is nothing I like more then sitting down and catching up on the wrestling. Catching up on what the wrestling world has to offer and seeing other people’s opinions on certain aspects of that world. Wrestling to me is an escape and it is a sport that I can sink my teeth into. It provides me with endless hours of joy and happiness when at times, in reality, I have been down and down in a spiral of out-of-control circumstances. I see nothing wrong with it but I do see where my mother is coming from. Even on nice days (like today for example) I sit at my computer. Check the wrestling. Nothing better then that I must say but still.

And the other thing that I think she has a problem with is she doesn’t think that I have any friends and that I don’t go out with “said friends”. This part does annoy me because I work full time in a supermarket that deals with hundreds of people daily. I do talk to people every day and on my days off I like the idea of chilling back and doing nothing.
I, contrary to popular belief, am actually quite social. I have friends who are actually my colleagues and I do talk to them. It actually makes my day go quicker. They make my day and some of them have actually been there for me earlier this year during one of the ‘down and out’ moments in my life.
You couple that with the fact that I am constantly texting some of my friends that live on the mainland, yeah, I think I am a sociable person. I feel as though I have enough contact with my friends and family that I can warrant being on the computer. Which, ironically, I also use as a contact device for my friends and family (Facebook is fantastic at this as if Twitter, my two fav social media sites Smile ). So I don’t know. I don’t know how to bring this up verbally (I don’t do well under that sort of pressure) so I thought that I would write it on here and see what happens from there.

Anyway, if you guys have anything to say or any ideas, post them in the comment section. I am always happy to hear from everyone.

Have fun and take care.
Lil Smile


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