Records broken today

Howdy there everyone,

As I mentioned earlier (technically yesterday…) I have made it my no. 1 mission to get back on the healthy bandwagon and I started by helping my bf take his 2 dogs for a half hour walk Monday and yesterday. And also yesterday, and this is where the records come in, I went to Don Reserve and I RAN! When I say ran I mean jogged/walked but I made it all the way which is awesome! I don’t normally do that sort of thing so it’s awesome to me and it makes me want to improve on that.

Here are the records that I broke….

  1. What should be a 40-45 minute walk turned into a 27.49 minute walk/jog! So very proud as I have never done that before Smile
  2. My best time over 1km is now 8.01min/km which is awesome for me Smile

So you can see why I’m happy now. And I do feel better for doing it and it makes me want to do better so we shall see how that resolve goes.

I’ll let you know tomorrow.


Oh, I may not be happy tomorrow either. I have to go to nissan to get my mirrors replaced so goodness knows how I’ll be……

Anyway, have fun and take care Smile
Lil xoxo

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