Update #2

Howdy there everyone,

I know tomorrow is weigh in number three and I am also very aware that I missed last weeks weigh in but truth be told, I was very disappointed with my results and it showed. I did weigh myself but I didn’t do body measurements (I better make sure I do them tomorrow otherwise I will be extremely down on myself.
Here is last weeks weigh in….

  • Weight: 82kg
  • Age: 26 years 3 months
  • Height: 1.66 metres
  • As I said, I am disappointed in myself. I haven’t been exercising as much which has annoyed me. Mind you, I also had mother nature calling so-to-speak so that really didn’t help matters but. But I have made the resolve that this week is going to be better. It already has been so far so you will just have to wait and see tomorrow.

    Until then, have fun and take care and I will write later Smile 

    Lil xoxo

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