Update #3

Howdy there guys and gals,

Hope you are all well. I know this is is a bit late but I’ve had some issues going on this week that took a tiny bit more priority. But no matter, here is Week 3’s update on weight and measurements……

  • Weight: 82kg 😦
  • Age: 26 yrs 3mon
  • Height: 1.66m
  • Chest: 41 inches
  • Waist: 37inches
  • Hips 42 inches
  • Body Fat %: 34%

Not happy but this is what I get for not doing my best exercise or healthy wise. I’m slowly getting back on track and as of today I have started to incorporate some running/jogging into my walks as well cause I can walk far while getting relatively puffed but I want to make it harder on myself and challenge myself some more so this seems as good as time as any.

And also this week I have been dealing with a sore foot which hasn’t helped matters. I went to the doctors and he sent me for blood test and also for xrays and so we shall see on Tuesday what he says. He thinks I’m deficient in Vitamin D so we shall see what the bloods come back with and my foot seems to be getting better so we’ll see….

Anyway, just thought I’d put that out there so you can see. Any suggestions on how to stay motivated would be greatly appreciated so feel free to put a comment in the below section and I will hopefully get back to you next week on how this goes 🙂
Have fun everyone 🙂
Lil xoxo

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