Todays new experience

Hi there once again everyone,

I know I have kind of bombarded you all with posts today and I promise this is it. I just wanted to share with you about this new thing I’m doing and if you have any comments, please feel free to do so in the comment box….

This new experience I’m doing is……..

THE 48 HR LOVERR CLEANSEMy package of 48hr cleanse

I started at 2:30pm today and I’ve done alright so far.

I would’ve started it this morning but I just didn’t want to do it then and I was hungry so I started at 2:30 and as it says, it goes for 48 hrs. I found it by chance at Loverr Superfruit Juice Cleanse and I thought I’d try it. I figured it couldn’t hurt right?

So, as it is only a couple of hours in I’m doing alright. Had my smoothie of blueberries, cranberry juice, bananas and one teaspoon of this cleanse so lets see how well I can last between now and Monday. I can’t wait.

The reason for trying this is to see if it will reinvigorate my healthy eating that I know I can do but I just don’t. I want to see if it works and just see if I have the willpower to do something about my lifestyle.

If you want more information, there is a link on their page here that tells you all about it. I liked the look of it so I ordered it during the week and I got my package yesterday which is awesome. I got the 48hr cleanse and the detox bath which you do at the end of the cleanse so I’m really looking forward to that Smile 

I’ll keep you posted about any more developments as they happen.

Have fun and take care.

Lil xoxo

P.S. I may post pics after this has all finished depending on how this all goes…….


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