Howdy there guys and gals,

Sorry I haven’t written here for ages. Just been working and living my life a bit differently……

I thought that I would update you guys on what’s been going on, which isn’t much. I’ve been working nights which is awesome because there is only really my work colleagues and I at night which is awesome. Mind you, there is more expected of us and that really annoys me because sometimes that’s just not possible. I just do my mantra which is “MEH” and move on though (it’s really a fantastic mantra though lol ).

Diet wise I tried to do something different which I will post about later and it just didn’t work so at this current point in time I’m trying something new and exciting but I will post on that later…..

BF wise I am still with my man and very very happy Smile I love him more and more everyday. He just makes my life so much better and I look forward to spending time with him everyday….

My mother recently went away to India/Nepal and she came back last week and I’m so glad she’s home safe and sound. She went with Malaysia Airlines which I was very much against her going on but that’s just who she went with and she didn’t end up harmed so YIPEE! She had a lovely time and she took LOTS and LOTS of photos but it looks so awesome and you can tell that she wants to go back which is awesome. It’s the second time she’s been and she wants to experience more of the world now which is awesome for her Smile

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Have fun and take care and I will post hopefully sometime soon…

Till next time,

Lil xoxo


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