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New Year coming soon

Hi there everyone,

EEEEEKKKKK! 2015 is nearly here! Oh My God! Can’t believe how fast 2014 has flown by. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my BF, I got a new piece of ink, I tried new ways to lose weight, I actually did a bit. I felt sad at the loss of 1 of our bunnies (big bun aka wombat) and just 3 days ago our pet cat Fergus passed away (blood clot related), I felt sad at the 1 year anniversary of my nan’s passing Sad smile I have continued in my crusade to keep a blog up and running.
All in all though I have had a somewhat successful 2014.

So going into 2015 I have, of course, made my new years resolutions so we shall see how many of them I can actually keep this year….

Resolution #1: Lose weight (more specifically, about 15kgs)
This is how I plan to achieve that…….I have signed up, for the first 30 days in January, to do the 30for30 challenge through World Vision. Basically I have challenged myself that from the 1st to the 30th of January I will go out for a 30 minute walk that has nothing to do with the walking for work (and if you would like to donate or join up, feel free to do so please @ )
I have also ordered some 310 Nutrition shakes from their site (via email because they don’t have any distributers in Australia) as I have been watching the results of Jenni “JWOWW” Farley on her website and it seems to be a good way to lose weight and I would like to try it out. If you would like to order some here is the website for the shake, and if you would like to check out JWOWW’s results, check out her blog @

Resolution #2: Get a new tattoo
Pretty standard. Already got the bug for a few more so we shall see what 2015 brings

Resolution #3: Have the perfect home life and be happy

So there you have it everyone. That is what I want from 2015 so we shall see, I guess, how that goes. I plan on giving an update in regards to my weight loss and so on so we shall see what happens I suppose.

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely day and I shall talk to you all soon.

Bye bye.

Lil xoxo


30for30 Fitness Challenge

Hi there guys and girls,

Well, today I have officially set up a page to do the 30for30 Fitness challenge which is done through World Vision.
I have decided to do this challenge because I believe that if everyone gave just a little bit, we could make a humungous difference to the people who have a lot less then what we do.

And I have also taken up this challenge as a way of starting off the new year in a positive way for myself personally. Not only will I be doing it for charity but it also gives me motivation to get off my bum and get up and about (without it being work related walking around the shop lol).

So if everyone could just give a little bit, it’s going to a great cause and I hope that if we all do a little bit that the world will become a little bit better Smile

Anyway, that is all from me for now.

Oh, before I forget, here is the link to my page if you would like to donate: 30for30 Fitness Challenge

That is all for now. Have fun and take care.

Lil xoxo

Christmas Excitement

Hi there guys and gals,

I don’t know about the rest of you all but I am so excited for Christmas!!!!! I love this time of year. I like the whole idea of buying gifts for everyone and seeing people’s faces when they open their presents Open-mouthed smile I love it.

This year is extra special because my bf is going to surprise me, which is scary in a way. He has shown everyone else my present and won’t tell me what it is Sad smile 

We walked past a jewellery store the other day and I said something about going in and having a look and he said that we didn’t need to know and why would we need to go in there….which kind of was like whaaaaa!!

I’m excited and nervous and I so can’t wait for Christmas! And I can’t wait for everyone to open their presents and the smiles and enjoyment Smile 

Anyways I better go.

Have fun and take care everyone,

Lil xoxo