Bali Nine on Death Row

Howdy there everyone,

I just thought I would put my two cents out there because all I keep hearing about is the two Bali Nine men who are sentenced to be executed at some point.

Honestly, they, in my opinion, have exhausted all legal opportunities that they could have possibly been given and I do get annoyed when I hear that they are launching another one! Honestly, how many times do they have to hear the same thing before they get it! They have had at least 8-10 years to get their stuff together and deal with this issue and they haven’t until the last second. It just makes me frustrated because all these celebrities, the latest being Russell Brand, have come out and tried to help them. WHERE WERE YOU 8-10 YEARS AGO WHEN THEY WERE IN PRISON! Why come out now!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with the death penalty but this is the law in Bali and everyone knows that! It just frustrates me that at the last minute, everyone decides to come out and try and stop it! It happened a few years ago with a young man who I believe was hung because he broke the law in Bali and I remember writing to the then Prime Minister and asking why he waited until a week before to come out in defense for the man. I didn’t get a response but it just makes me so angry that everyone waits till the last minute to try and help these people.

Sorry for the rant but I saw an article ‘Bali Nine: Comedian Russell Brand Appeals for Clemency for Drug-Smuggling Duo in Online Video’ which you can view here and it just got me so angry that celebrities are waiting till now to ‘help’ these men. Again, why have you waited so long to help? Where were you when they were in prison? That’s what I want to know…..


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