Updating life

Hi there everyone,

Back on December 31st, 2014, I did a post called New Year coming soon and in that post I had 3 resolutions for 2015….

Well, since we are in October 2015 I thought that I would finally get round to posting about it as it’s past the halfway mark of the year. So here it goes.

Resolution #1: Lose weight (more specifically, about 15kgs)
Well, that didn’t exactly go to plan. I started to lose weight at the beginning of the year and I thought with moving out that I would lose heaps and then of course, I found out I was pregnant so that’s gone completely out the window. Maybe 2016 will be a bit more of a success on that front (Mind you, I’m not complaining about being pregnant because it’s what I have always wanted…)

Resolution #2: Get a new tattoo
Again, falling pregnant has kind of made this impossible. Mind you, hasn’t stopped me thinking about getting one though……..

Resolution #3: Have the perfect home life and be happy
This one I have succeeded at. I have a family who are in good health and I have a baby girl on the way and my partner and I are now living together (Yipee) and we are happier then ever. So, what really could I ask for?

As you can see, 2 out of 3 aren’t bad. Mind you, I got my wish which was to have a baby and so now comes the waiting game for that one 🙂

Talk to you all later.

Lil xoxo


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