Pregnancy issue

Hi there everyone,

I thought I would tak this opportunity to talk about a pregnancy issue that until the last two weeks I had no idea about……leaky boobs.

Like seriously? No one,and I mean no one, around me told me about this. I was lying in bed one night, rolled over and that’s when I felt a wet patch on my night shirt. I had to get up and show my partner and originally he said that he thought it was a sweat patch but I knew what it was. And then it didn’t occur again until last night when I went to bed and then again today as I was folding washing. Like WTH! Why did no one tell me that this was going to happen?

 Worst part was that I had to google it to see if it was normal. And, to my surprise, it is. Mr Google’s solution though is to get breast pads and where them during the day and night. Something that although at the moment doesn’t seem like a very flattering idea, I may just need to. This is becoming a big issue for me of a night time and quite embarrassing when I have to tell my partner.  What did you guys do about how this? Please let me know in the comments section…..

Anyway, other then that, I hope you are all enjoying your day and I shall talk to you all soon.

Lil xoxo


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