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Trouble sleeping….

Hi there everyone,

I need your guys help! For a few weeks now I haven’t slept very well at all. In between the muscle cramps (which you can read about here), the heat which I am now especially vulnerable to now (19 degrees feels like 30 to me) and the uncomfortableness of staying on one side too long then switching to the other side only to have the same issue, I’m really not getting much sleep at all. I wake, I turn, apparently am quite noisy (BF said so, actually at the point where he had to sleep in another room a few nights ago!), I get thirsty… WHAT THE HELL?

I don’t really know what to do so I’m asking for advice here…I know Mr Google could possibly help me but I want to know what you guys recommend. Whats worth trying to whats not?

I have been told by a few people to rest now because once bub gets here I won’t get much sleep but at this rate I will be very tired by the time she gets here anyway.

So please, any suggestions please feel free to leave in the comments section below. I want to know whats really worth trying. And yes, I go to bed when I feel tired (thank goodness I’m on holidays at the moment or that wouldn’t be happening.)….

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hope your all well.

Lil xoxo


Now the fun begins….

Hi there everyone,

How are we all? I’m well. I think so anyway.

I’m currently at week 33 of my pregnancy and now it comes to the business end of it all. I’m all emotions rolled into one. I’m nervous, excited, scared, terrified just to name a few. I have definitely just realized that my partner and I are going to be parents and that just doesn’t seem real. Seems quite bizarre. I didn’t think it would ever happen and now that it is it just seems surreal. But I know that we are nearly ready and I can’t wait to meet our little baby.

I have had quite a few people comment on my ever expanding belly and I have to say that now I cannot wait till my mother gets back from overseas. She has been away for 2 weeks so far and comes home next weekend and I am uber excited to see her reaction when she realizes how much the baby belly has grown.
I have had strangers comment on my baby belly that now I kind of take it in my stride. There is no hiding it now. At all. I can’t disguise it or anything. It just stands out like a big giant lump and while some people may go ewww I go ‘AWESOME’ I love my baby bump and I love how much more better pregnancy has made me feel about my body. Honest to god, if I could be pregnant all the time, I would be. I have honestly had the best time. Mind you, ask me again after bub gets here and it may be another story lol.

I had a scan this week which was awesome. I have had 4 scans since I became pregnant and while I thought this was normal, apparently, no it’s not. One is normal. I have had one to make sure I was pregnant to begin with, I had another to see for down syndrome and what not, another for the 20 week gender reveal (for all those who hadn’t quite gathered we are having a little girl), and then of course I had the one this week which was to see where my placenta was.
Now, while the placenta may not be something you may have realized could cause an issue, apparently in my case, it could. I think at the 20 week scan, it was noticed that my placenta was down too close to my cervix. And apparently the idea is that the placenta should have made it’s way up to where it should be. Otherwise, I have to look at getting a c-section which I don’t really want but if I need it, I will have it.

What else is news……oh yeah. I have started working on all the finer details like who I’m going to contact and what now before and after birth and dealing with health insurance and all that fun stuff. It puts into perspective quite a different side to having a baby that I didn’t know existed. I also have started to figure out what’s going in baby’s hospital bag and also my own and what else we need to get and what not. I have realized we have a lot of washing ahead of us in terms of baby clothes and blankets and what not. Scary stuff!

Anyway, that is all from me for now.

If you have any suggestions of comments on any of the topics in this post please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Have fun and take care.

Lil xoxo

Pregnancy cramps are just a pain!

Hi there everyone,

Yesterday I posted about one of my pregnancy issues and completely forgot to mention that on top of that, I also have been getting cramps. Only in my legs which wouldn’t be so bad except that in one leg, I was unable to get the cramp out and now I am limping as I walk. I went to the chemist today and she gave me a cream to put on my leg and also she said that I should be taking Magnesium tablets, which I also brought.

Bloody hell! I thought getting pregnant was the hard part. Nope. Maintaining a working body while pregnant is the hard part. I now have 4 different supplement tablets to take. One is a multivitamin, one is for iron deficiency and the other is for vitamin D deficiency (and of course the magnesium that I brought today is for cramps)…… how do you guys cope? I don’t know….

….And I’m back!

Sorry that this post took forever to put up! Just had a few things going on which distracted me. Which I know is no excuse but still….

Anyway, the cramps kind of subsided for a little while after I started taking the tablets (Magnesium) but then I kept forgetting and so of course what happened but the cramps came back. And low and behold, last week, I had a cramp in the same leg as before that I couldn’t get out and it sucked! I hate cramps! They are horrible and whats worse is I woke my partner up to kind of help me and it did nothing. So the poor thing, I woke him up for nothing. To which I felt so bad 😦
Lucky they have kind of subsided for a little while but I need to start taking the tablets again because they did make a difference and I hate limping around when I am already waddling as is!

Anyway, that is all for now.

Hope your all having a nice time wherever you are.

Lil xoxo