Pregnancy cramps are just a pain!

Hi there everyone,

Yesterday I posted about one of my pregnancy issues and completely forgot to mention that on top of that, I also have been getting cramps. Only in my legs which wouldn’t be so bad except that in one leg, I was unable to get the cramp out and now I am limping as I walk. I went to the chemist today and she gave me a cream to put on my leg and also she said that I should be taking Magnesium tablets, which I also brought.

Bloody hell! I thought getting pregnant was the hard part. Nope. Maintaining a working body while pregnant is the hard part. I now have 4 different supplement tablets to take. One is a multivitamin, one is for iron deficiency and the other is for vitamin D deficiency (and of course the magnesium that I brought today is for cramps)…… how do you guys cope? I don’t know….

….And I’m back!

Sorry that this post took forever to put up! Just had a few things going on which distracted me. Which I know is no excuse but still….

Anyway, the cramps kind of subsided for a little while after I started taking the tablets (Magnesium) but then I kept forgetting and so of course what happened but the cramps came back. And low and behold, last week, I had a cramp in the same leg as before that I couldn’t get out and it sucked! I hate cramps! They are horrible and whats worse is I woke my partner up to kind of help me and it did nothing. So the poor thing, I woke him up for nothing. To which I felt so bad 😦
Lucky they have kind of subsided for a little while but I need to start taking the tablets again because they did make a difference and I hate limping around when I am already waddling as is!

Anyway, that is all for now.

Hope your all having a nice time wherever you are.

Lil xoxo


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