Trouble sleeping….

Hi there everyone,

I need your guys help! For a few weeks now I haven’t slept very well at all. In between the muscle cramps (which you can read about here), the heat which I am now especially vulnerable to now (19 degrees feels like 30 to me) and the uncomfortableness of staying on one side too long then switching to the other side only to have the same issue, I’m really not getting much sleep at all. I wake, I turn, apparently am quite noisy (BF said so, actually at the point where he had to sleep in another room a few nights ago!), I get thirsty… WHAT THE HELL?

I don’t really know what to do so I’m asking for advice here…I know Mr Google could possibly help me but I want to know what you guys recommend. Whats worth trying to whats not?

I have been told by a few people to rest now because once bub gets here I won’t get much sleep but at this rate I will be very tired by the time she gets here anyway.

So please, any suggestions please feel free to leave in the comments section below. I want to know whats really worth trying. And yes, I go to bed when I feel tired (thank goodness I’m on holidays at the moment or that wouldn’t be happening.)….

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hope your all well.

Lil xoxo


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  1. tunaisbloggin says:

    Hi! I know this sounds cliché, but if you haven’t tried it yet it really helped me to sleep with a lot of pillows!
    Between my leg and also under my arm. I lean my back to my husband or another pillow so i am pretty much comfortable at that point.
    I always keep 1 glas near my bed so i don’g have to get up to drink some water. And i always read or play on my phone which makes me feel sleepy after a while.
    Maybe you did this all, but maybe there’s something you haven’t tried yet! I hope this will be useful for you! X

    1. snugga20 says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. I keep the glass near my bed which is handy because I get very thirsty during the night. I may have to try all the pillows. I brought a maternity pillow thing but haven’t tried it yet. Will have to I think.
      Thanks again for the suggestions 🙂

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