She’s here….


Hi there everyone,

Wowzers! I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since November last year. Alot has changed since then.

As you were made aware, I was pregnant and was due to have my baby on December 26th 2015. Well, the little one decided that she didn’t want to come out and so at 6:16pm on January 4, 2016, I finally got to meet my little girl. I was induced because I was 9 days over and they didn’t want me to go over 10 and really, she was not going to come out at all. So I had an appointment made for the Monday she was born and told that I had to rock up at 7am (why?) and then we would get started. My partner and mother came with me and boy oh boy am I glad they did. It was a pretty easy day and then I was told to start pushing at about 4pm. By 6 they told me they were going to have to help me (I had an assisted forceps delivery) and that I had to listen very carefully to what I was told because there would be alot of people around (there was!) and I would need to follow their instructions.
Now, I had all hands on deck for my delivery and I had chosen to have an epidural (best decision I have made) but by crikey it hurt! It was like a bush-fire and the doctors were telling me to push and I was yelling back that I couldn’t and I said to mum who was holding my hand that I wanted to stop and she said that I was nearly there and low and behold, I had my baby. A gorgeous baby girl Tilly Rose. 11 pound 1 ounce and she was perfect. I am so proud of her and and couldn’t be happier. Mind you she did some damage. I had a second degree tear and it hurt for the full 6 weeks after her birth and I stayed in hospital for that first week of her life. But so worth it.

I love her and can’t imagine my life without her now. She turns 3 months old today and she’s the best thing that has happened to me. She has made my life complete and while I didn’t know really what I wanted to do in life, I knew I wanted to be a mother and it’s the best feeling in the whole world. Nothing compares to it and I wouldn’t trade it or my girl for anything 🙂

Tilly Rose. Born January 4th 2016.

So that’s what has been happening for the last few months. Sorry for not writing sooner but as you can kind of guess I have been rather busy with her 🙂

Thats all from me for now and I will talk to you all later 🙂

Lil xoxo


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