Been a while since I last posted….

Hi there everyone,

Hope you are all well today. Sorry it has been sometime since my last post. Things got away from me a little bit and I completely (honestly….) forgot about this blog until today. I did think about it today because I was looking at some stuff on google and I saw something about blogging and went “Oh, wait a minute! I have a blog and I should probably do something with it….” So since my little girl is having a nap watching cake wars or something of the sort on the Food Network (my fave station on the TV) I thought I would take the time and try and catch up here….

So here it goes….

After my last blog where I was going to try a product that I intended to turn into a stay at home job business, Juice Plus, I found that after a while, I just kept forgetting to take the product and when I did take it it made my daughter throw up (I don’t know if that’s related or she just had had too much to drink,) so I, in the end, decided to stop taking the product and in turn chose not to do it as a business.
At this current point, I have decided to start taking the product again and I must say, I don’t feel quite as sluggish as I did without taking the product but it has only been a week so we shall see what happens. (I’ll try and keep you guys posted…)

After deciding that that wasn’t for me, I decided to become an Avon rep. I don’t know why as I have never brought anything from them before and as of today, I have decided to quit that as well. I didn’t really think it all through and when I realized that I didn’t know anyone who brought Avon products and a few other factors, I decided to quit while I could.

Also, a month ago I started back at work. Part time which is good and I have the hours that I figured I could work and its been working out well so far which is good (Got my contract this week so I’m feeling a lot better knowing that I have that…..) but it does mean that I have my daughter in the care of family while I’m at work. I did specify that I could do 5 hour shifts 3 times a week because at the moment, I am still breastfeeding my baby so that does hinder things a bit but we are managing…..

What else is news? I don’t think that there is much else that I can say at this point. I have a couple of other issues so I might post them separately because I feel like I have written enough here.

Hope you are well and happy blogging.

Lil xoxo


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