Hi there everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity today to seek peoples opinions about breastfeeding in public. Personally, I do it because I chose to breastfeed my baby and sometimes they just need feeding when your out. I chose, on the days that I’m at home and not at work, to not make a bottle because I like the connection that my daughter and I have during this time.
I do admit that there are times that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to breastfeed.
When I first had my daughter I really didn’t know what I was doing and the way that was recommended on the posters at the hospital and also by the nurses/midwives didn’t work for me. Once I got home she was on a bit of formula and a bit of ‘boob’ but she ended up not enjoying that so we stopped the formula. And she has been breastfed since.
She is also onto solid food at the moment which I do take with me but if she needs her milk, I try and be discrete and feed her. Doesn’t matter if we are in a cafe or out somewhere with the family or even round my mums house, she still needs her ‘boob’ so that’s what she gets. I am proud of the fact that my daughter is breastfed and I know that it is a personal choice but I think mothers should be supportive of one another and not judging others on their choices in how they feed their baby.

Please, let me know your thoughts on the subject.

Lil xoxo

My daughter, being fed while out to lunch with myself and my mother (May 2016)

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