Review of Girly Curves LLC

Hi there everyone,

So today I am taking the time to do a review of the company Girly Curves LLC. For those who don’t know, this company is known for their waist trainers and products relating to losing weight via waist training. You would of seen it with the Kardashian sisters who use theirs religiously, Jwoww uses hers and posts about it on Instagram (where you will find most of the other celebrities post their endorsements). So since I m in the process of losing weight (I will post about that later) I thought well why not try this waist training as well. I should make it clear that I have brought from this company before and I have never had a problem however, this time I did.

I will post to you an email that I wrote to them that explains my situation….

To whom it may concern,

Hello. My name is Lillian Phillis and last week I wrote to you in regards to my order that seems to have not come.

On December 2nd of 2016 I placed and PAYED for an order with you. My order was for XL Pink Mix Butt Lifter Leggings and a Girly Curves 2024 Workout Band, 3XL Blue.

On 3rd of December I recieved an email stating that my order was on the way and I was provided with a tracking number with USPS which since then has continually said that the label has been made but there is no movement.

So then I recieved messages from the sales team twice in two days with the following messages,

Wed 14/12/2016, 9:38 AM

Hi Lillian,
We are sorry for the delay in shipment. We were waiting for the pink mix butt lifter leggings to be back in stock but unfortunately they have yet to arrive. We do have the black in stock would it be ok to send the black in stead?

Thu 15/12/2016, 9:46 AM

Hi Lillian,
We are so sorry to do this but ran out of the black this morning and won’t get a new shipment until next week mid week. The XL’s that we have now are in the blue and the blue mix. I have put aside both in should you decide to opt for one of those two. Should you not want one of these two colors then we can refund you for the leggings. Awaiting your response.

Now, both times I responded and said that I wanted the alternate product but after I responded the second time that I wanted the blue mix leggings, the communication stopped and I haven’t heard anything since.

So last Wednesday I wrote to you and asked you to cancel my order and could I please have a refund on all my money that I paid as I still have nothing for what I paid. I have had no response. So I sent you an email again on Sunday and still no response. I sent a private message to the Facebook account and while it has been seen, there has still been no response. And so last night on the Facebook page I gave 1 star and explained my situation on there. Still nothing.

So here I am emailing you again!

Please cancel my order and refund me all the money that I have paid please!

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

So that is what I wrote to them on January 16th after I still had not recieved my products. The next day, 17th of January, I recieved an email from them which said this…..

I just checked your tracking and it was shipped out. It is currently in Canada and will deliver by this Friday. It may have been customs. We apologize for the delay.
Thank You

So finally, after waiting all this time…..TODAY I FINALLY GOT MY PRODUCTS! Thank GOD! And  low and behold, I have to send the tights back because while I thought I got the right size, I ordered a size too small!

So all in all, I won’t really be buying from this company again due to it’s customer service. How hard would it have been to have been informed about the customs issues before I had to wait OVER A MONTH to get my products! Come on! Disappointed because I’ve said, I have ordered from them before and I have not had an issue.

If you have ever had an issue with Girly Curves or if you’ve never had a problem please feel free to let me know.

Lil xoxo


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