What people say….

Hi there everyone,

As a mum I try and do what I believe is best for my daughter. Everyone has their own opinion and they are welcome to have it but some days I don’t want to hear it. I’m not afraid to say that I have struggled with motherhood. It’s hard. That’s something that I didn’t know. How hard it would be. So when I have people say snarky comments at me I get angry. It upsets me. 

An example is when I went into the shop last night to collect my partner from work. I was talking to one of the ladies there about my daughter about how much she has grown. One of the managers came up and asked me if my 13 month old daughter smokes. 

Now, to clarify why he asked me that, I have to say that I had been in once before and my partner asked me if I could purchase his smokes for him as he had no money. I do realise that smoking is not good. I’m not happy that my partner smokes so I don’t need to be told how bad it is but I have heard quite a number of times about he thinks about giving up and he hasnt so I have just let it go. I also don’t need to be told how bad it is that I am buying them for himbecuase I am the one who deals with it as is. I also deal with mr cranky when he hasn’t had any or has tried giving up so I don’t need the snarky comments my way thanks….

Now, when said manager said this to me of course I was upset. I try very hard to be a good role model to my child. I am trying to instill good healthy food habits with her and all that stuff so I don’t want to hear snarky comments from anyone else. It’s uncalled for and makes me feel like a bad parent and I know that I don’t deserve that.

Am i in the wrong here? How should I react? I don’t know how….. I just said “no she doesn’t….” and then walked off. It made me really angry and upset and feel like that was uncalled for…..

Let me know what you think? What would you have done?

Lil xoxo


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  1. wannabehippytryingtoparent says:

    People always have some kind of say…. it is like people think once you have hit parenthood they are allows them

    1. snugga20 says:

      It’s really frustrating. Normally it doesn’t bother me as much but to ask if my 13 month smokes, seriously! And the manager is my manager too and he will say he was joking…. I think if you don’t have kids then zip it…

      1. wannabehippytryingtoparent says:

        And even if you do they are not the parents of your Little one. I am with you. What was he thinking…. Do they smoke :$

  2. snugga20 says:

    He doesn’t smoke (manager) but I do wonder if he gives all the staff that buy smokes the same form of lecture/remarks…..

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