Out for a walk….

I went out for a walk today. I had dropped my grandfather off at the hearing clinic and decided that since my 13 month hadn’t had a nap I would take her out on such a beautiful day. And she fell asleep. So as I was walking along, I began to think of how lucky I am. Lucky that on a day like today, I don’t have far to go and there is beaches and water around me and beautiful walking tracks along the water where I could admire the beauty of it all. This never stops. On a day as gorgeous as today, why would you want to be inside all day when you could be out enjoying a walk? I would normally have been one of those people who would’ve been inside all day trying to get my daughter off to sleep. Lucky I didn’t. we had a great walk. We walked one way then we went back and walked back another way and then we went down the mall. Quite a walk. I forget when I’m inside quite how much I enjoy a walk until I actually go outside and walk. Normally I would also have my headphones but none of them today. I wish I had a piece of paper or my camera with me but my phone did the job just fine. Took some pictures but not quite in the high quality that I’m used to.

What a beautiful day and a wonderful walk. Loving life xoxox


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