Still off…..


Hi there everyone,

Well, not much has changed since I last spoke to you all. Except that I have taken a home test and negatory on the pregnancy front….

I’m still nauseous…..
I’m still irritable…..
I’m still getting back aches……

But it got worse Monday. I went to work and I felt fine (apart from I was angry at my partner grrr) and I could feel myself getting worse. I got dizzy and I did honestly think I was going to be sick. So I asked to go home. Got home and had 2 naps throughout the day and still felt terrible. It’s not fun. It’s beyond a joke. I know it’s not my iron because I take tablets for that. And when I asked an online doctor yesterday, he did ask if I could be pregnant which is what made me take the test….

Oh, and then last night I was on the verge of ringing an ambulance because I was in sooooo much pain. My left side felt like knives were in it and ripping it up. Not fun. But I turned over and the pain went away. So I don’t know.
If you guys have any theories or suggestions about what it is please let me know. I’m a little over this.

Hope you all are having a nice day



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