I miss it

I was on Facebook last night and happened to come across a video of one of my co-workers announcing that they are pregnant and you know what, I miss it. I would like another baby and since someone else found out that they were pregnant I’ve had the bug. I’m clucky and want to add to my clan.

I loved being pregnant and all that came along with it. It was weird because when I was pregnant and the bigger I got, the more happier I was with my body. It made me feel so secure and yeah, I did get big (that’s what an 11pound baby will do to you lol) and I may not be happy now with my body but I loved it. I loved everything about it. Mind you, I did have a relatively problem free pregnancy compared to other people I know.

I have spoken with my partner before about having another child and I get one of 2 answers….
a). doesn’t want another one or
b). wants to wait until our current daughter is two

I hate sounding like a nag but I would like to try sooner rather then later but I know he’s not overly keen on the idea which is frustrating. I thought we were on the same page but between me getting cluckier with every other person announcing their pregnancy and him not getting the bug I’m very confused.

What to do????????

I’ll guess we shall have to have ‘the talk’ again…..



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