Need some answers……..

Well, today was certainly very interesting……

I wanted to cry, I was tired, I was cranky, I was angry and I had a bad back which only got worse due to my stacking of bags today.

WTH is wrong with me!

I cannot put up with this anymore. I have been overly cranky for the last couple of days, my back has been on/off sore all week (just the lower part) and I have been tired as well.

Wish this would all go away or that I had some answers….that would be handy…… I have two at the moment….PMS or pregnancy and since I have taken 2 tests in the last week and both have said negative, I would say that leaves PMS….which can kindly do its thing so I can go back to being normal….am not enjoying this at all………

If anyone out there is a doctor or knows someone who might know, please let me know……

And yes, I have googled……all too confusing…..l



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