We found somewhere…


Well, we have found a place. Smaller then the house we have but has 3 bedrooms, a big backyard and a bath. All we need really. We have had to put off moving for an extra week because one of my partners dogs needed to have surgery done on one of his ears so that put us financially behind. But, we shall get there. I’m excited and nervous. This will be the second house for my partner and I that we have rented and I have fallen for the house we are currently in. But I know moving is the right decision because we cannot afford to continue the way we are and so something needed to change. And particularly this week, I can see that moving is a viable option.
I don’t know how our daughter is going to take it but I don’t suppose she’ll remember it in a hurry. Might not like the new house to begin with but she will get used to it I suppose.

I will let you guys know in a couple of weeks how we go…….should be there by then đŸ™‚



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