Had a reading done…..


Last week, I got an email psychic reading. And yes, I am aware of how dodgy it sounds. But it seems to be through a psychic locally and so I trusted her with my money ($70)….I got to ask 3 questions and I kind of wish now that I had asked some fairly different questions, but no matter….

A couple of days after I sent my questions away, she responded. I was a little disheartened because her website had said within 24 hours but close enough. And when I had asked where my answers were she promptly responded with she had sent them in the morning (don’t know where they went…) but she resent them for me which was awesome….

Anyway, my questions were Am I having anymore children? Am I ever going to get married? And if I am having anymore children, when?
These questions got the following responses…
Yes, I am having one more child, a girl, in a couple of years when I get my life all sorted.
Yes, quite soon, I am getting married
And as answered in the previous reading, in a couple of years.
Now, this was just the basics of my answers. The lady did actually offer me up paragraphs to each answer which go into more details but I also got told that I may experience a health scare and so should go and see my doctor just in case, and also that if I want to change jobs that I should do it now (apparently the time is right)…
As I said, this is the very basic version of what I got and I must say, I was a little skeptical but actually still am……I know what to ask next time though 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying your day.
Lil xoxo


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  1. basilmclean says:

    Yes, this is good to get an authentic experience, right?

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