Can’t decide and need help….

Hi there everyone,

I am stuck at a crossroads in life. This past week my daughter has been sick (she is 20 months now, that’s just gone way too quick!) and so I had one day off from work and then I had to leave work half way through my shift to go home to her because she was being ‘difficult’ so to speak.
This has got me thinking about possibly quitting my job and being a stay at home mum. I am already enrolled in university which I although I am not studying this semester, I would like to pour more time and effort into if I was at home.
Another reason I have thought about this is because my mother and I went out over the weekend and we were talking about my daughter and her bed time and how I am working of a night time and so sometimes she goes to my mother in laws while I’m at work and so I pick her up from there at 10pm when I finish and what not. Apparently, because I changed my position at work and the hours that I had changed, from being during the day (11-4pm) to now being 5-10pm 3 times a week, I am selfish.
I don’t know what to do as I know my partner and I can’t live on just his income. I am thinking of going to Centrelink and seeing what my options are there but I want to know others opinions on the matter…… I have been at my job for over 9 years and I don’t want to leave on bad terms but at the moment I feel that a change may need to be on the cards.
And when I spoke to my partner about it, he said he didn’t care what I did and that it didn’t affect him which I promptly told him that yes, it did. It would mean alot more responsibility on his end and I don’t know if he realizes how straining it could possibly be. We tried before and it just didn’t work but we have since moved to a cheaper house to help out with our change of income…….

I need some assistance….what would you guys do? Where would you start? Anything is helpful at this stage…..



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  1. Meiji Zapico says:

    Even though I would very much love to help you decide on one, I’m far too inexperienced for this. But please do know that whatever it is that you follow, be it your heart or your mind, there is no wrong decision. I am hoping for the best for you and your daughter, and whatever decision you do choose make you happy. ❤

    1. snugga20 says:

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out the best path but I’m asking questions and seeing whats available to me… I’ll keep it posted 🙂

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