This is me, my motherhood….


Today is a bad day. I’m tired and cranky.I have sworn repeatedly and it’s not even lunch time.

My partner won’t look after the baby so I can nap. This is me for the 1 minute that I got to nap before she came in and started pulling the books off the bookshelf.

Partner has been playing games all morning on his PlayStation and is now outside mowing the lawn. No offer to look after the baby. Again!

I have pegged a load of washing out on the line because it’s the towels that have been washed 3 times this week and never made it outside. It’s going to rain today but hell, out they go!

Another load is on the airer because it’s my partners work clothes and undies/socks which we need urgently. Again, I did them and put them out.

The television/cartoons are currently my best friend. My daughter is currently watching Teletubbies while I type this.

This is my time, is what my partner will say. Have a nap when she naps is what I get told.

And I bet that he will nap by himself today, no baby next to him…..

Wheres the fairness in that! I want my nap minus baby today too. Didn’t get it before and I don’t think I’ll get it now.

My eyebrows need waxing….. I need to get motivated……but today is one of those days that baby books don’t describe………

Oh well!



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