Voting on something that I shouldn’t have had to…..

I don’t understand it. Why should we have to vote on gay marriage when it should be a simple yes/no….I’m all for gay marriage and I don’t understand why there needed to be a postal vote. Politicians should be able to make the decisions themselves. I thought that that was what they were there for!

It angers me that there is no freedom if you want to marry someone of the same sex but if people want to marry themselves or train stations or even dogs can get married then that’s fine. Like WTF!

Personally, I think everyone is entitled to marry whoever they want and when they want! If your happy and in love it shouldn’t be against the law to marry.

Why oh why do we need a postal vote on this when there are people in higher up positions (prime minister) who could easily make this decision…. answer me that!

(P.S. If your against gay marriage then your entitled to your opinion…)



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