Bed Sharing with baby


This is me and my daughter yesterday morning. I woke up, after I heard her wake, she had some boob, and then she fell back to sleep. Thats what she does.

Now, in our house we do have a rather odd sleeping arrangement. My daughter and I share my queen bed (rare occasion she will sleep in the cot that’s in the background but won’t stay in there all night) and my partner sleeps in a separate room in his own bed. This doesn’t faze us as it’s been happening for over a year and a half now. Yeah, it would be nice if he slept in my bed but that doesn’t work right now.

I started bed sharing when my daughter was about 2 months, possibly 3. Mostly because I was pure lazy and when I would feed her I would fall back to sleep with her in the bed. My partner works late and so having him come to bed with both her and I in there was a little inconvenient. And it’s too crowded with 3 of us. Just no room.

So what we have going on in our house is normal to us. It works. Thats all that matters. Yes, sometimes I wish that my daughter would sleep in her own bed and my partner would sleep in mine, but this works for us. Plain and simple.

And I know these moments won’t last so I’m trying to treasure them. No matter how they come šŸ™‚


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