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Little miss had a fall…..

On Friday I was playing with my daughter and my mum on the back steps of her house. My daughter loves showing how she can go up and down the stairs more confidently now so it is always a joyful moment for us.
Anyway, she had a fall and she hurt herself (which is fair enough, she is 21 months and likes to explore/climb etc) and I didn’t think that much of it. Until I got home.
She wouldn’t put any weight on her right foot what so ever and I even tried to give her a bath (favorite past time) and she wasn’t having it.
I took her to mum’s and she said to go round the chemist and get her checked out. So off we went and they looked at her and said that I should wait to the morning and if she wasn’t better to take her to the GP or hospital and they would probably x-ray her to make sure she was OK.
I took her home, tried to give her Panadol (recommended by chemist) and she wouldn’t take it so I gave her boob and she went to sleep no dramas. She slept much better then what she normally does so I was like “YES!”

So I woke Saturday morning and she still wouldn’t put any weight on her foot so I messaged mum and we decided to take her out the hospital….

That started the waiting game!

We got the hospital bout 10:30am and we waited, and waited, and waited till about 1-2pm then we went to have her x-ray and then I waited another hour to be told that nothing was broken and that she just had a sprain and that to keep up the panadol and if it wasn’t better in 10 days to bring her back to the GP/Hospital and they would do more x-rays!

And low and behold, she is much better. Still limping but shes on her foot walking around and running (do have to tell her to be careful but still……)

I’m glad my daughter is OK but I am concerned that we had to wait that long….

My daughter and I

This is me and my daughter waiting to hear back from the doctors about her xrays on her foot 😦



Does this look familiar?

OMG! Please tell me this is what other peoples bathrooms look like!  I keep looking at our bathroom and thinking ‘I really should go through it…’ I have that many products from skin cleansers to moisturizers to soaps to baby stuff…..I think we really should have a look through and see what we need to what we don’t……that’s the next big task I think….. help to get us a bit more organized especially with a young one around the house…..Only trouble I’m having is that the job in question will be a ‘I can do it’ job and not a shared job…. except maybe the 20 month old who seems insistent on helping with everything!