Well, that was a surprise…..

Well, that was a very big surprise…..I’m PREGNANT!

Baby #2 due approximately mid to late November this year and I am excited as punch.

This is more exciting for me then my partner because I did want another baby but I also wanted him to be on board with having another one but we hadn’t spoken about it or anything so it was a bit of a shock to the system I think…….

Also, this pregnancy has started out more differently then the last. I have been getting nausea every day and I had a bad back for a couple of weeks which I thought was out of the ordinary, and my boobs hurt. All classic symptoms of PMS I know but the nausea I only get for like one day when it’s PMS and I’ve had it for like a week and a half. Not fun. I was also 2 days late which threw me off but, mind you, I was 7 days late before and it was just my body playing tricks on me.

I took 2 tests this time just to make sure and I would hope that if I took a test today that it would be a lot more clearer.
I did go to the doctor and she sent me for blood test which I did yesterday (not fun and very ouch!) but I’m hoping that in a couple of weeks when I go for my ultrasound, that everything will be OK. I think that’s when it will sink in a bit more that this is real and happening…..

I can’t wait! Exciting 30th birthday surprise for me! (I found out Tuesday which happened to be my birthday….

Anyway, hope your all well



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