I hate this…..


What I’m hating on at the moment is my body. It’s failing me big time. I can’t even bend down to stack the dishwasher without feeling pain.
For those unaware (refer to my previous post), I had a D&C on Monday. I thought maybe my body would be a tad better today, (3 days later), but no. It’s not. I was in pain last night because I stacked the dishwasher and it was a lot of bending over. I was trying to be careful and apparently it wasn’t right. So, now, just been stuck at home for 2 days and the most I’ve achieved is online grocery shopping. I had to do something. There is only so much I can do and since I knew we needed food (craving veggies tonight and there are none!) so I figured that I would do that today since I can’t physically do a lot.

Has anyone else had a D&C and how did you manage? What did you do to help you along your journey? Let me know your thoughts…



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