Doing it the right way


As you guys may be aware, last night I had it said to me, from my partner, that I need to lose weight.

Last night I took it to heart as I have gone through a miscarriage recently, and subsequently, had to have it surgically taken care of as my body wouldn’t do it naturally (which annoyed me but any who…..).

I was thinking about it last night and today and the more I thought about it, the more I knew that I was fully aware of this fact and I don’t need to be told about it.

I see myself in the mirror everyday and I know that, personally, I’m not happy with the way I looked. In fact, in a previous post ‘I miss it‘ I spoke about how, when I was pregnant with my daughter, it was this first time that I had been happy with my body. I don’t know why I was but the bigger I got, the more proud of my body I got. Maybe it’s just the whole creating life that I loved but either way, I think pregnancy agreed with me (I thought so)

Me at 40 +7 weeks, 2 days before I had to be induced with my daughter. 2nd January 2016.

So, getting back to the current times, before I fell pregnant this year, I was actually using a product called Healthy Mummy and I loved it. I had lost bout 4-5 kilos before I found out I was pregnant and I was super excited. Then a few weeks ago, my miscarriage happened and I was devastated. Now, today, I had an epiphany.  I will try again to lose weight and I will be doing it again with help from HEALTHY MUMMY, but I won’t do it until I get the all clear from the doctors and I feel better to exercise. And, after seeing a picture my aunty took on Mothers Day this year, I want to look and feel better about myself.

Me, on 13/05/2018 out with family for mothers day. Weight was 90.1kg

I will update you all when I can get started 😉 I want to be a good role model to my daughter and currently, just feel lazy, tired, unhealthy. I know I have the support around me, I just need to make it happen for myself.


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