Getting my fitness ideas on..

I was thinking today about how sore my back is.

If you want to happen, read my previous post Trying to get back to it.. and I explain why it’s sore there.

But when I was thinking about it, I was thinking about my venture about trying to be a healthier version of myself. One of the things I have done is I have registered for the Healthy Mummy challenge. I like the Healthy Mummy smoothies as before I fell pregnant earlier this year (again, read back my previous posts starting at Sometimes life throws a curve ball.. ), I lost about 4 kilos and was so proud of myself. I stopped when I was pregnant as I was always hungry and just didn’t find the shake satisfying enough at that time.

However, since then I have decided that I want to lose the weight and I want to do it the right way. I have set myself a goal that I want to compete in the Women’s 5km Walk/Run in September. However, I feel like I need to set myself some mini goals between now and then. I’ve decided that on top of losing weight my first mini goals are to strengthen my core and my back as both are not the best. It has been said to me before about my core not being in great shape (I went to a physio years ago and she said that I needed to fix it) and that that would fix my back issues. So, that’s my goal.

Goals are as follows between now and September 16:
-Lose approx 16kgs (putting that down to 1kg per week)
-Strengthen core muscles/deal with muscle separation from first pregnancy
-Hopefully, by strengthening my core muscles, I should fix my back issues

If you have an helpful hints and tips, please feel free to comment…

*To shop for Healthy Mummy shakes, click here*

Me at Cataract Gorge, Launceston in 2012. I was the smallest I’d been in years due to having braces (That’s why my mouth is funny) and I didn’t like how I looked then. What I wish I could tell myself now!

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