Trying a new product I found online..


I received a package today.

It was from EkoWorx. I had seen the ads pop up on Facebook from time to time and I had wondered if it would really work.

It wasn’t until someone else I knew tried it out and posted about it that I thought I would buy it. After all, what’s one more cleaning product right?

Well, I have tried it out and I can honestly say, I won’t be buying any other cleaning product for around the home anymore. I have already cleaned the oven door, some cupboard doors, bit of the range-hood and I even cleaned some green crayon off of our white walls that has been there for at least a week. Man, do I feel impressed. I don’t feel like I have to wear a gas mask when I use it and it’s a pretty straightforward product in terms of usage. I don’t feel like I’m about to wreck my clothes using it either. Which is great.

I will be tackling the bathroom next with it (possibly tomorrow, depends) and we shall see how that goes. I wasn’t very impressed as on Monday I decided to clean the soap scum off the shower doors (with a product specifically made for bathrooms, and yes, I did have a brain freeze as most have a bleach kind of product in it and yes, it did stink my house out), and not thinking straight, didn’t change out of my work pants (I was wearing them already and didn’t think to change) and so low and behold, the product I used bleached my pants and so I had to throw them out and buy new ones (I hate buying clothes).
Ekoworx doesn’t have me feeling like I’m going to wreck my clothes but I suppose, better to be safe then sorry, tomorrow, or whenever I get round to it, I will change into my trackies and tackle the bathroom next.

Here are some of my pictures from today’s goings on….

The two on the left are from before Ekoworx and the two on the right are after I had a go at using it. Must say, I’m sold. Thank you 😀


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