Getting organized…


Today I have decided that I need to make a timetable of my days for a two week period.

The reason being is that I have been to the gym ONCE this week on my own and when I asked my partner this morning if he could watch our daughter while I went he said that there wasn’t enough time between me going/coming home from the gym, HIM HAVING A NAP, and then him heading off to work. This infuriated me as I have been planning on going to the gym today and so to not go is annoying as anything.
So, I have found a timetable which I loved (Timetable Design here) and roughly worked out what my days consisted of and how I could work around it. So, I did one in pencil, then printed out another one and did it in texta and put certain colors for certain activities. I have even labeled the colors off to the sides so we can see what activity is when.

Now, I feel more organized and since I have had a phone saying that my daughters swimming tomorrow has been cancelled, guess what I’ll be doing???? I can’t wait to be more organized.

Wish me luck….

My completed 2 week timetable. Even sleep has been thought of…..

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