On my way….


Well, I did my weekly weigh in this morning and man, am I stoked! It may only be a small but I feel so proud.
I lost 1.2kg and 3.8cm off my body this week! I was hoping for this kind of loss this week so I’m so glad that we are going in the right direction…
But, what really got me was when I did a month overview (technically it was 5 weeks but close enough I think….), and it showed that over that 5 week period starting 20th May this year, I have lost 3.4kg and….wait for it…..24.9cm off my body!
I don’t know where from so I think from now on I may need to do progress shots but I’m so proud of myself. That is the kind of numbers that I want to see happening and seeing them, shows me that what I’m doing is the right thing.

Now, to get my a** to the gym and really work it out and keep doing my health eating (Thank you Healthy Mummy!!!!)

That’s made my day…… xoxo


(If you want to check out Healthy Mummy, here’s the link you can click to see it…https://secure.healthymummy.com/shop/?lbwref=1900)


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  1. Sherine Joy says:

    Well done .. yes i got that motivation from myself when i took measurements of my waistline ..soo much proud and happy thats reducing every week 😍😍

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