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Been M.I.A……


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things have been a little bit on top of me lately.

Emotionally I’m spent. There have been some issues personally that I have been dealing with and I am getting there, slowly but surely. These have been taking their toll on my health and that has been down in the dumps as well.
At the same time, my physical health has also hit a bump in the road as well. I have started to gain back the weight that I lost and this has had me upset at both myself and my body but after today, I am back in the game.
I had an appointment with Dave (the dude who I’ve been seeing as part of my Splash Membership…….he’s one of the best PT’s in the country!), today and I have progressed and he made me feel much better today so I’m going to hit back at naysayers and I am going to start making time for it. I haven’t really done this week but I feel so tired and just bleugh! if I don’t go so I want to get back to it. I was doing so well then this week just went “no!”
I have also decided on a new venture which I want to try so I will post about that later but since I need to get in touch with them first to make a slight change but we shall get there.

Anyway, just thought I’d update you all since I have some free time (daughters napping and so is my partner….), so “HI EVERYBODY!”




8 Weeks down, 8 to go..


Well, we are officially half way through training!!!!!

As I have said previously on this blog,  I’ve signed up again.., I have entered the Cancer Council’s ‘Women’s 5km Walk/Run 2018′ event this year. I did it last year and I loved it so much that I thought I would do it again.

I have used this event as the goal I needed to get fit and in shape and today marks half way through that goal.

Well, I can say officially that while I haven’t lost that much weight, I have lost a remarkable amount of Cm’s which I didn’t think was possible.

My last post (On my way….) was 5 weeks into it and I had lost 3.4kg and lost 24.9cm off my entire body… And today…..

  This week 8 weeks total
Weight Same as last week (84.3kg) -3.5kg
Bust +2cm -2.5cm
Waist -3cm -12cm
Hips -3cm -7cm
Thighs -2.5cm -5.8cm
Arms -.5cm -1.3cm

So, total wise for half way/8 weeks is I have lost 3.5kg and 28.6cm TOTAL OFF MY BODY!

That makes me so happy and just proves to me that I am heading in the right direction. The weight loss kind of goes up and down but I expect that but the other thing is is my attitude has changed. Because I write my results down each week, it’s keeping me accountable. I love seeing the results and seeing it going down like that is amazing to me.
I also have developed a love for the gym. I honestly have done. I hate not going and get really crabby and out of sorts if I don’t go. I have set myself this ideal situation where if I can get there every second day I’ll be laughing….. getting there is an issue but when I do go I notice that I am a much more patient person, happier and less cranky which I think is great for the people around me.

So, more gym for me and more training needed. I am serious about getting better and doing better at the race so need to step up my training I think 🙂 Wish me luck.

If you would like to donate, here is my page…. Lil’s Race