Is it really all that common?


*Disclaimer: This post contains quite graphic scenarios. If squirmish, stop reading now!*

On Monday 24th September, I posted about the fact that I had been spotting/bleeding after my Ultrasound the week before. Well, this week it has gotten worse.

It has gone from spotting then a small bleed to now being like a period and now, to top it all off, I now have clotting going on as well. Today has been the heaviest bleeding I’ve had. But also, very little pain. But quite some clotting.

I went to the doctors yesterday, as I started clotting yesterday, and she basically said that there was nothing she could do and that I really need to wait till Monday till my ultrasound to see what is going on.
She did do a urine pregnancy test there and then and even before it had reached the end, it was coming up a clear positive so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. She seemed OK with that which I suppose is helpful.

I just wish this would stop.

It’s worrying me and even though I’m supposed to be ‘taking it easy’ (medical professionals have been telling me all week to do it) I still have my daughter (2.5 years old) running around and needing looking after and I also have housework that needs my attention.

Has anyone else had this?
I’ve been told it’s quite common so I’m hoping for the best but it’s scaring me quite frankly.

Let me know if this has happened to you and your outcomes. I really want to know how common this is….


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  1. Zsilveira says:

    I hope you are doing good , sometime on the first trimester of pregnancy a small spotting can be caused by ovarian cyst or subchorionic bleeding, nothing to be worried about at this point, however is always good to be checked

    1. snugga20 says:

      I, unfortuantly, was miscarrying 😦 I lost my second baby again a week after I started bleeding. The weekend before my last ultrasound was the worst as I was clotting badly. I went in on the Monday afternoon for my ultrasound and baby was gone. I miscarried physically the next day 😦

      1. Zsilveira says:

        I am so sorry to hear that dear 😢

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