Overcoming the Fear of Miscarriage

If you have experienced a miscarriage, how has it affected your subsequent pregnancies or desire to conceive again?

This is the question posed to us on a website I found on Pinterest (I will link it down below…) and it is one that I am currently thinking about right now.

This year (currently) I have suffered 2 miscarriages. Within the space of 8 months in fact. The first one wad heartbreaking as I have a daughter already (going on 3 next year) so I knew that I could conceive and carry full term so to find out that I had miscarried was nothing short of heartbreaking. I didn’t think that I would ever go through it and thought that it was just something that I would hear about. No. It happened.

The second time was worse because my body did actually show signs of miscarrying which I actually found worse. The first time round, I really didn’t show any signs whatsoever of miscarriage and it wasn’t until we had ultrasounds that it showed our fear.
As I said, however, the second time, I did show signs and it sucked. It made it worse when it was confirmed at the ultrasound.

In regards to how it has affected my desire to conceive again, well, just read my previous post Secret news on the downlow… and you’ll see how I feel about it but I found this second time, I was really wanting to try again. I did also want to be in a bit better shape before it happened again. But sometimes life throws things at you and you just got to do your best.
I did find though that when I was waiting for my period to start after my previous miscarriage that I was looking at baby’s and just wishing that that was me. Wishing that my baby’s were with me. I wanted to cry because of what happened but it was also giving me incentive to do better and to get better so that I could one day carry a child.

I will let you know how things go on.

Here is the link to the page where I got this question from:

It really is scary to consider having another pregnancy after miscarriage. Miscarrying is horrible, but I loved the hope in this post. I can overcome my fear and accept what comes.
Overcoming the Fear of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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