Emotional roller-coaster

I realized something yesterday while I was at work.

It takes something so small to make me want to cry.

I have noticed it before and made mention of it on one of my posts, Just had a moment, where my partner sent me an apology and it made me want to cry.

And I’ve noticed when I’m watching movies or YouTube that just something so small can make me want to cry massively.

And then at work last night, I was actually so annoyed by something so small and something that happens all the time that I just wanted to crawl into a little ball and cry. It shouldn’t bother me that much, and normally it doesn’t, but last night, it did.

Pregnancy is messing with me big time this time round. Something small makes me emotional at the drop of a hat and that worries me.

Please tell me of your experiences because I would love to know if other people have had it, particularly in the first trimester.

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