I see it!

I went for my scan yesterday. I was so nervous going in as I have had bad experiences with second scans before (learning of my miscarriages…) but yesterday, I had tears of joy as I saw little bub and my heart has never felt so full.

Baby Button (as my mum has called it) is now measuring a week ahead of where we thought (either that or I’m in for another big baby), so I am now currently 13 weeks, 6 days. Heart rate is 147bpm which is great news.
I was watching the monitor yesterday and the first thing I did was look for that flicker of heart beat and there it was! Fluttering away. That’s when my tears started. It was a beautiful sight!

I took my mum and daughter with me and my daughter looked at the monitor and said ‘Baby!’. She knows what it was…. I think she’s going to make a great big sister!

As for my partner, he did ask (as I hadn’t said much about it when I got home,) if the baby had died and I said no, it was fine and healthy and happy. He did ask me later if I knew the sex yet and I said I didn’t. I also left him a note for when he got home explaining that there were the pictures on my computer if he wanted to have a look. I guess he had a look but when I asked him about it this morning he played it down.

Now, the guessing games begin. What sex is my baby? Comment below with your guesses….

Baby Number 2


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