Yesterday was a bad day..

Yesterday, I just had one of those days. I think it was a culmination of things but just before I went to work, all I wanted to do was sink down and cry.

Things just got to me.

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and I am defiantly showing….alot!
I know that I am having a big baby and so I know what my body is going to kind of look like, but when I saw my reflections in the windows down the mall yesterday, it hit home. I still have a long time to go. And I’m going to get alot bigger,.

And I suppose, also along those lines, when I have people asking if I’m sure that I’m only having one or I have my family saying ‘WOW, your going to be big this time aren’t you?’, without meaning to they are upsetting me and I know that it shouldn’t but yesterday, it did.

What also hit yesterday was that I have finally come to the end of an era with my first born. We have just come off the boob completely and it hit yesterday that we won’t have that time together anymore.
It is something that has begun happening since I found out I was pregnant and I think she was kind of self-weaning, but still, doesn’t make it any easier to think that that part of our journey is over. I know I will try and breastfeed with the next one but still….

And then of course my partner decided to be stubborn yesterday and I don’t think he meant to. It’s just little things that got to me.

And to top it all off, I’m exhausted! I can’t seem to find time to sleep properly/nap throughout the day so it all came crashing down on my yesterday afternoon.

I feel better today and I am glad for that. Still tired but getting through it as much as possible.

Does anyone else have days like these? How do you cope?

I just tried to stand up and keep going….. That’s all I could do…..


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