Family outing oppurtunity

20190414_044850629_iOSTwo weeks ago I went on a family outing to the Tasmanian Arboretum on the North West Coast. It was a a beautiful day and we had a great time. I had suggested it as I thought everyone would enjoy it and it is just a donation to get in. Lots of free space for my 3 year old to run and around and explore and so it was the perfect outing.

Also, it is a beautiful place to take lots of photos, which I did.
This particular photo, I didn’t take. I got my brother to take it for me.

Normally, in regards to pregnancy photos, I do a selfie comparison at home but I wanted something a bit different so this is what I got. And honestly, I love it. At the time I was 24 weeks (right now I am 25 weeks, 6 days) but I have had alot of people say how big I am.
And honestly, I do care.
I have been self conscious about my body my entire life and when I’m pregnant, I am at my best. It’s just sometimes it gets me down. That particular week it did. But, I know that when I’m pregnant I’m going to get big as I am having a big baby (as we’ve been told) so I’m not going to be small. I also know that this pregnancy I feel so blessed, particularly after what happened last year (if you need to know what went down, here is where you can find out… Time for reflection) so this pregnancy I’m being very aware of how lucky I am.

Please feel free to share your pregnancy photos and stories with me. I always love to know how others are going on their own journeys.



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