Been some changes

Hi there everyone,

Sorry it has been quite a well. Things have been a little bit hectic. With the new addition and all.

This is why…


This is my son, Greyson. Now, I realize that in my previous post My Baby Name I said that I’d decided that Finn was going to be my sons name, but one night I was lying in my bed with my daughter and I think I may have been watching a YouTube video by Jenni ‘Jwoww’ Farley and I think it was about her son Greyson, so low and behold, I decided that was my sons name! And when you know for sure, you know. I knew this was it and I fought my partner on it and in the end, he let me have it.

In regards to my son, his birth was quite a different experience.
I had gone into hospital with the idea of being induced and ended up needing to have an unplanned c-section as my son was in a swimming pool in my belly. 4 litres of fluid I think came out in the end, which isn’t normal from what I’ve been told.
But my son was worth the pain and the change of plans. He’s not quite as big as his sister when she was born but still a big boy in his own right.

So that’s been my main priority lately. Greyson is currently 3.5 months old and I’m loving this time with my children. They really are my world.


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