Baby Fever…

I want another baby!

There, I’ve said it out loud.

I want another baby!

I already have a nearly 4 year old daughter and my son is 4 months on Monday but since having my son I’ve gone from saying I just wanted two, a boy and a girl, to now wanting more children.

You know when you have that light-bulb moment and stuff just occurs to you, that’s what happened.

I was in the shower and I was just having a conversation with myself (as odd as that sounds) and I came to the realization that I want more children.

Only trouble is that my partner has said NO MORE CHILDREN!

We have had some arguments recently and it was brought up that, unfortunately, when I fell pregnant with our son, it was a child that he didn’t want. He was more then happy with our daughter and that was it. I remember telling him I was pregnant with our son and boy oh boy did that go down like a ton of bricks. So the subject of children is one that is quite hard to navigate.

What to do? Well, I had some psychic readings done. 2 to be precise.

This is what I got in regards to children….

The first reading I had done was on the 17th October.

She says that there is possibly 2 more children to come into my life. The 3rd child is not too far away, not like 5 years from now, but closer then that. She thinks that there may be a miscarriage, whether it be the next pregnancy or the one after but she says she definitely sees 4 children.

Then the second reading was done by someone else on 15th November.

They say spirit says there is a Boy predicted between March/June but April/May stand out more. The first months (March-June) could be the conception months, month we find out, baby’s due date or baby’s birth month.

So, now this has excited me a little bit as they both see children on my future, sooner rather then later. It doesn’t help me in that I still have my partner to deal with. Although, we are booked in to start relationship counseling next year so hopefully that helps out in regards to sorting out our issues. Who knows what will happen…


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