I see it!

I went for my scan yesterday. I was so nervous going in as I have had bad experiences with second scans before (learning of my miscarriages…) but yesterday, I had tears of joy as I saw little bub and my heart has never felt so full. Baby Button (as my mum has called it) is…… Continue reading I see it!

Time for reflection

As 2018 comes to a close, I have decided to reflect on what a year I have had. I’ve hit rock bottom more times then I can count. My relationship has hit some of it’s lowest points. We have had 2 miscarriages within the space of 7 months, one of those required me to have…… Continue reading Time for reflection

Whats been happening…

Well, sorry I haven’t been as post-y as I probably should be. As I said in my previous post, Secret news on the downlow… , my partner and I are expecting (hopefully…) bub number 2 in the new year (End of July to be precise but anyhow…). Since that post I have seen the doctor…… Continue reading Whats been happening…

Overcoming the Fear of Miscarriage

If you have experienced a miscarriage, how has it affected your subsequent pregnancies or desire to conceive again? This is the question posed to us on a website I found on Pinterest (I will link it down below…) and it is one that I am currently thinking about right now. This year (currently) I have…… Continue reading Overcoming the Fear of Miscarriage