Does this look familiar?

OMG! Please tell me this is what other peoples bathrooms look like!  I keep looking at our bathroom and thinking ‘I really should go through it…’ I have that many products from skin cleansers to moisturizers to soaps to baby stuff…..I think we really should have a look through and see what we need to…… Continue reading Does this look familiar?

Just something random that happened….

Howdy there everyone, Hope your all well. I have been ok. I went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago in regards to my foot (it had been in so much pain that when i walked it would hurt and I could barely move) and apparently there is 2 things wrong…. I have a…… Continue reading Just something random that happened….

A childhood bullying incident.

Howdy there everyone, I thought I would post today on a subject that I know is a big deal and that is bullying. More specifically a incident that happened when I was a child/teenager. The reason for this is I was thinking yesterday (as I was working) about an incident that happened when I first…… Continue reading A childhood bullying incident.