Tea Room Chatter….

I was sitting in the tea room at work on Monday. For my break. I was sitting there with the team minding my own business and then these two ladies started talking about pregnancy, miscarriages and abortions. Now, I had been a little upset recently (as I explained in my previous post) about my miscarriage…… Continue reading Tea Room Chatter….

The Joys of Car Riding solo….

The joys of driving around with just myself and my sleeping 14 month old is that I get to think. And think. And think. And today I thought about a few things. I thought about emailing Maggie Dent, a lady who I saw speak at the Building Brighter, Stronger Families conference recently. I want to…… Continue reading The Joys of Car Riding solo….

A childhood bullying incident.

Howdy there everyone, I thought I would post today on a subject that I know is a big deal and that is bullying. More specifically a incident that happened when I was a child/teenager. The reason for this is I was thinking yesterday (as I was working) about an incident that happened when I first…… Continue reading A childhood bullying incident.